The German special edition Sprint Grand Prix

Sprint Grand PrixThe Sprint Grand Prix was a special edition which was created by the German Alfa Romeo importer on the base of the Sprint 1.5 Quadrifoglio Verde which was offered in Germany in 1984.

The German Alfa Romeo officials created the Grand Prix in order to reduce their stocks of Sprint 1.5 QVs which stood in Frankfurt at that time. The production of the Sprint Grand Prix was limited to a hundred units. It costed 23.990 DM.

In addition to the usual Sprint 1.5 QV's equipment, the Grand Prix offered special plastic wheelarch extensions and a right mirror.  All plastic parts Sprint Grand Prixwere painted in the colour of the body. A rear spolier was on board, too. A Grand Prix badge on the rear and floor mats were also included.

Potential buyers could order their Grand Prix in red, black, white or silver metallic (optional). The red and black Sprints had grey metallic stripes along the sides and on the bumpers. White and silver metallic cars had black stripes.
The interior remained unchanged (black seats with little green points).


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