The French Special Edition Sprint Grand Prix

Sprint Grand Prix

In 1986 the French Alfa Romeo importer offered a special edition of the Sprint 1.5 QV called Sprint Grand Prix. Compared with the German special edition with the same nameThe interior there are some differences. The French version did not have the small plastic wheelarch extensions and the black rear spoiler. As the German version, the French Sprint Grand Prix was delivered with colour-coded bumpers and side protection panels. In contrast to the German Grand Prix, the radiator grille was kept in black. The A-pillars, the sides of the roof and the sides of the tailgate were embellished with a spcial black piping. On the black piping of the tailgate there was a "Grand Prix" badge and a blue-red-white logo in the look of a flag which reminded of the Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce Trofeo. A second piping - a fine black double line - could be found on the waistline of the Sprint. Then there was a technical difference between the German and the French Grand Prix special edition of the Sprint: the German Grand Prix still based on the Alfasud's floorplan (inboardly mounted disc brakes at the front and rear disc brakes) while the French Grand Prix already based on the Alfa 33's floorplan with outboardly mounted front disc brakes and rear drums).

The interior of the French Sprint Grand Prix differed from the serial Sprint 1.5 QV. The seats and door panels were already the ones of the Sprint 1.7 QV (which was launched one year later). Only the dashboard remained the same. It was black (as in the Sprint 1.5 QV) while the Sprint 1.7 QV had a grey dashboard.

The French sales brochure dates from June 1986. The French program brochure for 1988 still offers this special edition (besides a standard Sprint 1.3). At a time were the 1.5 was long out of production in Pomigliano d'Arco.


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