Ali Krumpen's Alfasud Sprint Veloce

Alfasud Sprint Veloce with 1750 cm³ engine.Ali Krumpen already has about 20 years of driving experience with Alfa Romeos. He owned "about" 15 different Alfasuds. In former times he used them as cheap transport for the winter. Usually they went their way to the scrapyard the following spring. Meanwhile he regrets having thrown away many rare spares.

He is still driving Alfasud in winter. It's an Alfasud Sprint Veloce 1.5 he now owns. To prevent it from rusting he floated all the box sections with wax and mounted plastic wheelarch liners. To assure a bright grin on his face while driving the Sprint, Ali installed Eibach springs, yellow Konis and Uniball joints. 7 x 13 Ronal alloy wheels were also mounted. Then Ali installed a 1712 cm³ engine, he enlarged to 1750 cm³. With 88 mm Asso-pistons, leightweight rods, a balanced crankshaft including a leightweight fly wheel, reworked heads with larger intakes and valves and 40Ali's Alfasud Sprint. mm Weber carbs with 36 mm Venturis, the Sprint has become a real "Veloce". According to IOZ at Mülheim-Kärlich (Germany) where the carburators were adjusted, the engine now develops 140 bhp. "With different camshafts", Alis says, "the engine also could develop 150 hp." But this would mean that the engine would need very high revolutions to develop enough power which Ali does not like.

Fuel consumption is at 10 to 10,5 litres per 100 km at a compression ratio of 10,3:1. The serial mechanic fuel pump had to be exchanged by an electric oneAlfasud Sprint Veloce because it did not manage to feed the engine sufficiently. The exaust system is the one of an Alfa 33 16V (a diametre of 50 mm) and was reworked to make it fit to the Sprint.

"Its is the car which gives me the highest driving pleasure", says Ali. Compliments for the Sprint - especially if you know the complete car collection of Mr. Krumpen. Besides a Fastback Spider and a Bertone 2000 GTV he also has some other Italian beauties: there is a Lancia Fulvia, a Ducati 750 GT and a Ducati 250 Sport Desmo.


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