Sprint 1.5 QV <<Salon de Genève 1986>

Sprint 1.5 QV <<Salon de Genève 1986>>

The Sprint <<Special Salon de Geneve 1986>> is a special edition of the Sprint 1.5 QV which was sold in Switzerland in 1986. ItSprint 1.5 QV <<Salon de Genève 1986>> slightly looks like an Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce trofeo. With the body trim (e.g. bumpers) of the series III. The body is painted in silver metallic and has a grey stripe on each side. Those stripes bear the "Salon de Genève" Logo on their rear ends.

The interior is equipped with Velour fabrics which were also used in the GTV 6. Instead of the leather steering wheel of the Sprint 1.5 QV, the Salon de Genève has the wooden steerinf wheels of the Alfasud 1.5 QO. A sunroof keeps the car cool on hot summer days. Its unknown how many <<Salon de Genève>> Sprints were produced.
If you have more information about this rare special edition please write an email to the author of this page. Mail to alfasud@gmx.de!

The interior. The interior.


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