Sprint Speciale

Sprint SpecialeThe Sprint Speciale is a special edition of the 95 bhp Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce which was sold in the UK in 1983. Presumably the Speciale was limited to 250 units. Like the Alfasud ti S it is amixture of series II and III parts.

The plastic bumpers for example are the ones of a series III Alfasud Ti. The Speciale has a colour-keyed-grille with two horizontal stripes (also colour coded) and a black rear rubber spoiler. There is a silver-grey stripe down the side and the B-pillars are also painted in silver-grey - two details which remind the Sprint expert of the Alfasud Sprint Veloce 1.5 trofeo. The 13 inch alloy wheels also can not hide a certain resemblance with the trofeo ones' - they have a dark grey Sprint Speciale - the interior.centre and a silver rim arround. Then the Speciale has special plastic sill mouldings.

The interior is equipped with bright grey Tweed / Texalfa upholstery. A Pinoeer KP5400 push-button stereo radio with two speakers is on board, too. The bronze-tilted windows and a removable sunroof keep the temperatures in the interior low. On the facia there is a little plaque showing the number of the car to the passengers.

The Sprint Speciale was available in Alfa red, Roman black, Ionian ivory and in Messina green (metallic) and Ligurian silver (metallic).

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